Scottish Public Services Award 2016

We are delighted to announce that the eDevelopment programme won The Digital Public Services Award at the Scottish Public Services Award 2016.

The award recognises the effective use of technology in making public services more accessible to the citizen.  This achievement could not be realised without the collaborative effort between Scottish Government and local authorities across Scotland.


The ePlanning service was originally launched in April 2009. It is a single shared service between the Scottish Government and the 33 local planning authorities that provides consistent and easy to use forms to submit planning applications and appeals online.  The original eplanning portal was replaced in January 2016 with which now forms part of the suite of services.

The uptake of the service far exceeded original predictions; here are a few statistics from the original portal:

  • Between launch and 1 January 2016 127511 applications and appeals were submitted through the portal
  • The predicted percentage of applications and appeals that would be submitted online in the first year was 3%
  • The actual percentage of applications and appeals that were submitted in the first year was 12%
  • The predicted percentage of applications that would be submitted online by year 10 was 63%
  • In year 7 (2015-16) we are expecting to process in excess of 70% of applications and appeals through the portal

Six months on from the launch of, the percentage of applications and appeals that are submitted through the portal is now at 74% and we expect this figure to continue to increase.

The eBuilding Standards service is the latest addition to the suite. The service was launched on 24 August 2016.

The introduction of the eBuilding Standards service is in line with the Scottish Government's digital strategy and in response to feedback received from ePlanning portal users and local authorities. The eBuilding Standards portal enables:

  • The electronic submission to local authorities of applications for building warrants and other related forms, such as completion certificates.
  • Electronic payment of associated fees directly to the local authority
  • The submission of digital copies of supporting documentation, eliminating the need to print and post

The portal is easy to navigate, with help and guidance available at every stage of the way. Those who are already familiar with the ePlanning service will find that this portal has a similar look and feel.